If you have questions, we can answer them. Just getting your business started, and wondering what kind of insurance is appropriate for your company? We can help. Is the budget tight, but you still need to be sure you are covering all your potential liabilities? We can advise you on the best options. Trying to figure out workers compensation rules, regulations, and laws? We can make it clear, and simplified.

We work with business owners like you every day, and are more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you, in what can often times seem like a maze of confusion. We will make the process simple and time-efficient so you can do what you really need to do: run your business. We have the expertise for Small to Large Commercial Accounts. The agency manager, Turney McIntyre has been in the business for over 25 years and has a vast array of insurance experience. He has written everything from a $500 premium Mom and Pop gift shop to Large complicated accounts such as Federated and Fisher Auto Parts (and just about everything in between).

We want to make our clients “customers for life” by being transparent, honest, and having integrity in everything we do. When you call me, you talk to me, a real person with real knowledge who can not only establish and customize your policy, but help you understand exactly what you are buying. We will give you a common-sense explanation of how insurance affects your business, and your bottom line. We will do our best to match you with the right carrier and product suited for your specific needs. Never more and never less.

Whether you need to adjust your coverage, are making plans for future growth, or just need some claims guidance, we are ready to help. We are glad to guide you through many of the facets associated with insurance products and services. As your business grows and changes, we can help you adapt with your insurance needs. AIS will be there for the long haul, through good and bad as your partner who wants to do all we can to protect your assets.

AIS understands the need for quality insurance solutions. We also understand that no two customers are alike. That is why we tailor our plans to fit your specific needs. Thanks to our highly efficient business model, we can match your needs to the widest range of insurance options. We work with highly respected A-rated Insurance carriers, so you can trust that your business is protected by the best in the industry.

Let me design the program that fits your needs and budget. You wouldn’t use the wrong tool for the job…Don’t choose the wrong insurance either. AIS understands your business.

All it takes is about 5 minutes to complete the “Let’s Get Started” questionnaire on this web site, forward to me, and I will respond with a phone call to explain the program in more details.