AIS was established to be the Exclusive Insurance Service Provider for Federated and their Affiliates.

AIS is an independent, bricks-and-mortar, INSURANCE AGENCY that will bring online convenience, and personalized customer service, for the Federated Members, and their Affiliates. Our office is located in Staunton Virginia, 2 blocks from the Federated Corporate Headquarters, flanked by the Federated Distribution Centers.

AIS is headed up by me, Mr. Turney McIntyre. I am an agent with over 25 years of Insurance experience. I have been the agent for Federated and Fisher Auto Parts for the past 14 years. We all worked so well together, they decided to hire me 2 years ago. I was hired for 2 main duties. First: To assist with a newly formed risk management, loss control team, for Fisher. Second: My main focus has been to create, what has turned out to be, a very innovative and simple way of bringing Insurance Products and Advice to you, the valued customer of Federated Auto Parts.

AIS will be a single supply source for a wide variety of Insurance Products and Value Added Services-- Designed exclusively for YOUR BENEFIT. AIS was created to bring Buying Power to the Federated Group for Insurance Products and Risk Management Services. It will not be available to the competition.

We are NOT a Third Party Administrator. We are NOT a Broker. We are an Agency just like you would find in your community. When you contact AIS, you will be contacting an agent who can make a decision. We want you to have the same agent year after year, who knows you and your business. (Actually there will be 2 agents assigned to you, for better service—A primary agent, and back up agent). We will focus on auto service related businesses’, thus giving us a strong understanding of the risks and exposures associated with your specific needs. Even though our focus is in the auto services industry, we do have the capability, and expertise to insure just about any type of business. Just ask.

We ultimately, hope to bring you the Best Insurance Products at the Best Price--- But what we have to offer will not always, be what is BEST for YOU. If you currently have the best insurance program for your needs, I will tell you that. We are not here to see how many policies we can sell. We are here to make you satisfied Customer. If we happen to have the Best Product for you, and you like the way we do business, we sincerely hope you will join our team. We are here to HELP, for the long term—Not just when it is time to purchase a policy.

OUR GOAL: Give our Client the Best Advice we can on their Insurance, and Risk Management needs. We want to become your long term partner--The TRUSTED ADVISOR for YOUR insurance needs, questions and concerns.

Our Pilot Program . To launch the program, we will be able to offer commercial Property and Casualty products, and Life Insurance. We will be limited in our geographical footprint. Please see Program Details for details of territory, eligibility, and available products.

                                                                                                Turney McIntyre

                                                                                                Ins. Agency Manger