We will have a Pilot Program for the first 12 months. It is extremely important that we get this program running like a fine-tuned race car before opening it to the masses.

Territory and Eligibility:

For Federated Members: We can do business in 39 states at this time. This will expand. For Federated Members in the following states we are sorry we can't help at this time: CA, NV,OK,LA,MS,DC,RI,MA,ME,HI,AK.  For Car Care Centers and other affiliated business partners: For 2015 Pilot program, the Federated Car Care Center products, will be available in limited to certain regions of Virginia only.


Property and Casualty related products, and Life Insurance will be available at this time. We are working to offer Personal Lines and Employee Benefits products in late 2015. The following list is only a basic list of products we offer. If we don't see it on the list, contact AIS. We may be able to help.
Products we offer:
Workers comp, Garage Liability, Garagekeepers, General Liability and all associated coverages, Products Liability, Lessors Liability, Business Income, Buildings and Business Personal Property, Employee Tools, Equipment Breakdown, Glass and Signs, Crime, Employee Dishonesty, Umbrella Liability, New and Used Auto Dealer coverages, ID theft, Directors and Officers, Fiduciary, Employment Practices Liability, Pollution, Life Insurance

Value Added Services:

Loss Control, Claims Assistance, Work Comp Claims Management, Work Comp Dividend program, and the list will grow as your input grows.

Future Products:

Personal Lines for Home and Auto: This is a big project, as our goal is to have this available to all employees. We have already written some personal line policies to get this off the ground. I am hoping our products and pricing will be so strong that this could become a "benefit" that is offered by the employer. We will keep the website updated under Personal Lines.

Voluntary Benefits program for employees: Things such as dental, life insurance, disability, and other benefit products will be available at some time. (As far as Health Insurance: This is being investigated and there has been a unique proposal that could fit the Federated Members and the Car Care Centers.