Workers Compensation insurance coverage takes care of the employer’s obligation to pay workers compensation benefits prescribed by law.

Employers Liability section provides coverage for the employer’s legal liability arising out of employee injuries outside the scope of the workers compensation law.

Other States Insurance provides WC coverage for those out of state locations where you are working subject to the terms of the policy.

The State of Virginia requires that an employer with 3 or more employees must provide Workers Compensation Insurance coverage for their employees. Officers may reject coverage.

Workers compensation limits vary and are generally shown as:

    Bodily Injury by Accident $100,000 Each accident
    Bodily Injury by Disease $100,000 Each employee
    Bodily Injury By Disease $500,000 Policy Limit

Workers Compensation is priced based on the type of business as well as a Modification factor that is generated by NCCI. (National Council on Compensation Insurance).

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