iStock 000010250363XSmallMost people are familiar with auto insurance. From the time we learn to drive, the necessity and expense of coverage are common conversations. Without proper coverage, even a relatively minor injury sustained in a fender bender can go beyond what a policy might cover and wreak havoc on personal finances.

An auto insurance policy is a policy that can provide coverage for:

  • bodily injury liability resulting from a collision caused by the insured
  • collision property damage coverage
  • comprehensive property damage not caused by a collision
  • medical payments
  • rental reimbursement
  • towing/labor
  • hired and non owned coverage
  • underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage
Many factors go into determining the coverage and cost of an auto insurance policy. Our agents can help you explore these areas, even before you purchase your vehicle.

It will be our pleasure to work with you to:

  • Identify the features of your auto insurance based on your driving record, age, number of people to be covered, credit score and the type of vehicles driven.
  • Be sure you have adequate coverage to protect yourself and your assets in the case of a lawsuit.
  • Prepare an “apples to apples” comparison amidst the numerous companies offering auto insurance services.
  • Identify reputable carriers that will efficiently process your claims in the event of an accident, and not overly penalize you when it’s time to renew
  • Address other policies you own that might qualify you for a discount.