Option #1: Click on Get Started below. You will answer some basic questions about your business. When completed, the last step is for you to tell me the most convenient time for me to contact you by phone. Click submit. You will receive an email confirmation, indicating we have received your request. I will review your submission, and give you a call at your designated time to discuss the program in further details and answer all your questions.

Option #2: Call me. If you would like to know a little more about the AIS program before filling out any information, I would be happy to discuss the program with you. Please choose the "Discuss with Agent First" button below. You will fill in your business name and address, provide a phone number, and indicate the most convenient time for me to give you a call. My phone number is below, if you want to talk now. I look forward to speaking with you.

Turney McIntyre, AIS Advisor

(540) 213-8209

Beginning the Process: How do I get a quote?

Step One: Click on “Get Started”. You will need to enter your 4 digit Federated Acct number and enter the password you will see on your screen. Security is our highest priority, and we take it very seriously.

Step Two: All you will need to do is take about 5 minutes to answer some basic questions regarding your business, and hit the “send to AIS” icon. I will review the information.

Step Three: The next step is to have a phone conversation with your potential agent. In your case that will be me, Turney McIntyre. At the end of the questionnaire you will be asked to provide a phone number and time that is convenient for you to have a brief conversation. I will explain what we have to offer, go over the quoting process, and answer any questions or concerns you have.

If you want to know more details about the quoting process, please click on Quoting Details. Thank you.